About AMAC Education

The AMAC-Edu is sponsored and managed by public charitable trust called Meenakshi Ammal Trust was founded as early as 1983 as Thirumathi, Chennai. The members of the trust are eminent personalities in various walks of life such as education and administration.

AMAC-Edu will offer High Quality Education in the fields of College of Education, Applied Science and Management through cutting-edge, State-of-the-art programme at graduate, Post-graduate levels.

AMAC-Edu provides opportunities for,

  • Development of Knowledge.
  • Skills and Professional abilities of its teachers.
  • Staff and Students with focus on the future.

AMAC-Edu focuses on,

  • Value – Education
  • Character – Shapping

Goals of AMAC-Education

  • To bring about a total reformation in Teacher Education.
  • To produce good, efficient and committed teachers with a patriotic favour(who will be ideal to transform the present society into an ideal one).
  • To lead our country on the top of the World.

Motto of AMAC-Edu

  • We are firm in our commitment to the noble cause of Quality Technical Education in our country. We scrupulously mobilize our resources and train our students to be competent and confident in a complex and a competitive world.
  • We strive hard relentlessly to achieve success in our mission of training the students with qualitive education which will enable them to contribute to the technological advancement of the nation.
  • To make suitable changes in Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Personality of every individual and evaluate the students to lead a higher level of life and consciousness thereby enabling the students to Transcend from the student’s present nature to become a world Class Teacher .

Vision & Mission of AMAC-Edu


Our Vision is to bring out a total reformation in Teacher Education to produce good, efficient and committed teachers with patriotic favour.


Our Mission is to make suitable changes in physical mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual personality of every individual.